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Data privacy

This website and the REMS Recruiting-Portal are run by REMS GmbH & Co KG (hereafter known as “REMS”) of Stuttgarter Strasse 83, 71332 Waiblingen, Germany, as the responsible authority. REMS will store and utilise the information supplied by you as shown below.

The information supplied by you will be obtained, processed and used exclusively for the purpose of job applications and for the filling of job vacancies. You give your consent by offering your personal data that REMS and REMS associated companies may contact you for the purpose of filling job vacancies. Only persons from REMS or REMS associated companies involved with the job vacancy will gain access to the information you have supplied. There will be no disclosure to persons outside the REMS Group. A transfer of your personal information to statutory bodies will only occur if we are forced to do so by legal regulation. Your personal data will be protected from manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorised access using appropriate measures. The personal information supplied by you can be accessed, updated or deleted by you at any time. On completion of the application process or if you decide to withdraw your application, your personal information will be deleted by us after a period of three months. The privacy policy for the REMS GmbH & Co KG website shall also apply for this application.

Please contact our Data Protection Officer for all issues regarding the subject of data protection. You can reach him as follows:
E-mail:, Phone: +49 7151 1707-0, Address: REMS GmbH & Co KG, Beauftragter für Datenschutz, Stuttgarter Str. 83, 71332 Waiblingen, Germany